No longer eating animals

For more than six years now, I’m a vegetarian. From one day to the next, meat left my plate, for good. What induced me to do so? What did it change for me? Is it a change without a possible return?

The second language

Those of you who know me, even just a little, most likely know that I am a great enthusiast of Esperanto. So I could not decently avoid the subject :).

As with anything a little different, utopian or original (but mostly not well known), there is unfortunately often a lot of prejudice. Let’s leave them aside and discover together: actually, what is it, Esperanto? And mainly, what’s the point of it?

The “abnormal” me

I propose to begin with a little presentation. If you don’t know me, this will allow you to better imagine what kind of person I am, and if you think you know me, maybe you will notice that you don’t know me that well…

When I compare myself to the majority of the people, I think that I cannot really consider myself as someone “normal”.


More than four years without a new article… In fact, without even one true article ;). Four years! It’s crazy how the perception of time is relative.

This is my website: Here I will explain the interesting (and less interesting) things that are passing through my head.

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