More than four years without a new article… In fact, without even one true article ;). Four years! It’s crazy how the perception of time is relative.

Will this website ever be used for something? Me, who though have things to say, what am I waiting for to write them? Nothing, I simply think each time that I will do it later, and, as can be foreseen, “later” never comes.

What is happening then? Why a new article? Well, because we have to start one day, isn’t it? “Later” came. It was about time ;).

However, I know myself well, and there is of course quite a risk that again four years (or more!) pass before the next article. I will thus set a constraint: I promise that the next article will be published during the next two weeks, that is, not later than 2012-03-02. We will see. I’m as curious about this as you ;).

See you very soon thus!